Propel your projects into a reality.

WordPress is already a powerful website management system that not only allows you to manage your content, but have others interact as well. Most projects rely on several pieces of software. Perhaps you use WordPress as a development blog, Salesforce for CRM, and some other software for time tracking and project management. Propel aims to combine all of these into a single interface that is already friendly and comfortable – WordPress.

In it’s short lifetime, Propel provides many of the capabilities you’d expect to see from any standard project management solution. Currently, these capabilities include the following:

  • Ability to create multiple projects
  • Ability to create tasks and associate them with a particular project
  • Track tasks by project
  • Assign tasks to WordPress users
  • A front-end visual interface
  • A bug reporting system

It is highly anticipated this list will expand over time and under the direction of its users. If there is a feature you would like to see in the next version of Propel please request it below.


If you are having issues with Propel you may submit a comment below or ask on the WordPress forum.

How do I display a projects status in a page?
You can use the short code in any page or post to show the status of all your current projects. You can show the status of an individual project by using [ pl-projects id=x] where x is the id of the project.


Screen shots