HTML5 Speech Input

The new features being introduced by the HTML5 standard are simply astounding. Just as the awe of one feature starts to wear off, I discover another that is even more awesome than the last. The current jaw dropping discovery is largely due to the Speech Input API Specification. Thats right, speech input. You can add […]

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Grooveshark issue with Chrome OS

Many people seem to be having issues when playing music with Grooveshark. To rectify this issue type about:plugins into your address bar. Expand the details by clicking on the + Details in the upper right corner and disable Shockwave Flash 10.1 r103. Happy Chroming!

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How to copy/paste to/from your terminal with ChromeOS

For those of you who have used PuTTY on Windows, you probably have become accustom to highlighting text to copy and right clicking to paste it. Well, that is kind of how it works with ChromeOS on the Cr-48. As it turns out, highlighting text will copy it into a separate buffer (different than your […]

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